Accommodations in Destin
Although the City of Destin has a population of just over 12,000 residents this sleepy little fishing village swells to over 200,000 people during any given week in the summer.   All visitors of Destin have something in common; they are all looking for a place to stay! The first thought that comes to mind when planning a vacation for most tourists is finding a good hotel.  Believe it or not, currently there are no hotels on the beach in Destin proper.  There was a Holiday Inn but it has recently been demolished with plans for a new hotel to take its place in mid 2014.  There are however many cheap hotels in Destin off the beach.  These include well known national chains such as Embassy Suites, Hampton Inn, and Ramada.  If you are looking for beachfront accommodations you will want to consider staying in av condo in Destin.  There are many condo buildings all along the coast and they range from affordable to extravagant.  If you are searching for the very best than you will want to consider a home on the beach in Destin.  Home rentals in Destin are common and there are many options from a variety of sources.  You can rent directly from owners with a little research but the easiest way is to locate one of the major rental management companies.  Do It In Destin prefers either Ocean Reef Resorts or Southern Resorts.  With these companies you can enjoy a stay at a home, condo, villa, or townhome.  If you are come down with a loved one you may also want to consider a bed & breakfast, and that would have to be the Henderson Beach Inn (it’s the only one.)  The last type of accommodations in Destin is camp grounds.  There are a couple options and you can bring an RV or pitch a tent and at some locations even rent a cabin.  As you can see the options for places to stay in Destin are as varied as its visitors.  They do have all one thing in common; they all offer access to the world’s best sugar white sand beaches! 

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